Martin Uildriks
Allok in the Cupboard: Perceptions of Egypt’s Predynastic Past as Illustrated Through the Décor Project

Karine Tsoumis
Objects and Identity in the Renaissance Convent: A Maiolica Sechiello Dedicated to “Suor Dona Da Mula”

Tânia Manuel Casimiro and Sarah Newstead
Portuguese Coarseware in North Atlantic Trade (Sixteenth to Eighteenth Century)

Ruth Sonja Simonis and Jan Hüsgen
The Amsterdam-Dresden Porcelain Trade: Count Lagnasco’s Purchases for Augustus the Strong, 1716-17

Angelika R. Kuettner
Some Took a Shine to It: Silver Lusterware in Federal America

Willem Floor and Jaap Otte
European Ceramics in Iran in the 19th and Early 20th Centuries

Vanessa Sigalas and Eva Wollschläger
Made in Germany! Historicism and Jugendstil Porcelain from the Berlin Porcelain Manufactory (KPM) and its Export to America

Helen Shaw
John Mason: Portrait of an Artist


Aaron F. Miller
A Painter and a Planter: The Different Worlds of a Westerwald Jug

Camille Leprince

French Baroque Faience and André Le Nôtre’s Gardens

Roger Massey and Diana Edwards
English Tin-glazed Stoneware, An Innovation

J. Victor Owen and Jacob J. Hanley
Bartlam Porcelain Re-created

Deborah L. Miller, Meta F. Janowitz, Allan S. Gilbert
Identifying Red, Brown, and Black Philadelphia “China” Through Compositional Analysis: Initial Results

Roger Pomfret
The Bankruptcy of Ralph and James Clews

Sonia Coman
Ceramics on Ceramics: Fukagawa Seiji at the 1900 Exposition Universelle

Tom Folk
Henry Varnum Poor’s Ceramic Stage Sets for Radio City Music Hall

Sarah Richards
The Hans Syz Collection of Early Meissen Porcelain


Aileen Dawson
From Magots to Grands Hommes: Some Thoughts on the Evolution of French Porcelain Sculpture

Angelika R. Kuettner
“Tortoise Shell Ware Made in This Town”: A Reexamination of the Benjamin Leigh and John Allman Partnership in Boston

Angela Howard
The Pitt Services: Porcelain for a Political Dynasty

Anna Moore Valeri
French-Style Maiolica from the Levantino Factory in Empoli (1765–ca. 1808)

Robert Doares
On the Trail of a Canadian Dinner Service in the President Hayes Design

Leslie Vander Meulen Richards
Dunkirk Delft: A Dutch Potter Comes to America

Tom Folk
Waylande Gregory’s Ceramic Portraits of Henry Fonda


Charlotte Jacob-Hanson
A Giles Italianate Service: Fifteen Worcester Plates Reveal a Decorative Grand Tour

J. Victor Owen and Xiang Yang
Wherefore and Why: Geochemical Insights on the Longevity of William Littler’s “Frit” Porcelain (Staffordshire and Scotland, ca. 1750–1785)

Etienne Tornier
American Ceramics in French Museums, 1836–1901

Amanda E. Lange
Sweet Concoctions: Ceramics for Chocolate Drinking In Early America

Brenda Hornsby Heindl
America’s Historic Kilns: A Potter’s Perspective

Larry Simms
Haviland and Company at the Philadelphia Centennial Exhibition of 1876

George Calfas
Pottersville: America’s 105-Foot-Long Alkaline-Glaze Stoneware Manufacturing Facility


Nicholas Zumbulyadis
Child’s Play: Fun and Frolic on Porcelain and Faience

Anna Moore Valeri
Early-Nineteenth-Century Maiolica from the Ginori Factory in Doccia

Myrna Schkolne
Pearlware Puzzle: Walton Figures and Their Look-Alikes

Robert Doares and Barbara Wood
“With My Family Restored to My Country and Friends”: The Return of the Haviland Family Portrait Plaques

Jay Shockley and Susan Tunick
A Capital Discovery: Early American Terra-Cotta on a Philadelphia Church

John E. Kille
The Transformation of Pottery Production in Industrial Baltimore

John E. Kille and John Collier
Artistry and Refinement Close to Home: The Baltimore Wares of Edwin Bennett and D. R. Haynes

Elizabeth Fowler
Kitaro Shirayamadani and the Creation of Japanese Rookwood

Lindsy R. Parrott

A Closer Look at Louis C. Tiffany’s Unglazed Favrile Pottery


Shirley Maloney Mueller
Revelations of the Ca Mau Shipwreck: Chinese Export Porcelain Teapots on the Cusp

Josh Yiu
On the Origin of the Garniture de Cheminée

Carolyn Hartmeier
The Fauntleroy Family’s “Coage of Arms China”: When Did It Arrive in America?

Nicholas Zumbulyadis, Bernhard Von Barsewisch, and Hermann Reiff
Chinese Fantasies: A Most Universal Chinoiserie Meissen Dinner Service in Underglaze-Blue

Patricia A. Halfpenny and Jennifer L. Mass
Two Converging Perspectives on One Meissen Tureen

Robert Harrison
The “Brickmakers’Arms”: A Puzzle of a Jug

Paul Atterbury
Victorian Majolica: Perception, Origins, and Styles

Adrienne Spinozzi
From the Iconic to the Intimate: Understanding the Work of Newcomb Pottery’s Sadie Irvine

Anthony E. Stellaccio
Reconfigurations in Clay: Ceramics in Twentieth-Century Lithuania

Ronald W. Fuchs II and Jennifer L. Mass
Deciphering The Declaration of Independence on Chinese Export Porcelain


Hiroko Nishida
Dutch Maiolica and Delftware as Japanese Tea Utensils

Andreina d’Agliano
Some Consideration on the Early Production of Doccia Porcelain Factory

Ella Schaap
A Brief History of Dutch Porcelain Factories in the Eighteenth Century, Reflected in a Recent Bequest to the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Charlotte Jacob-Hanson
Further Findings on the Life and Career of Louis Victor Gerverot

Jonathan Gray
An American and an American Trader in Wales: Fresh Insights into the Cambrian Pottery, Swansea, 1789–1810

Robert Doares and Barbara Wood
Archival Diversity and the Pursuit of Haviland Porcelain History

Laura Murphy
Parian Ware and Development of an American Identity

Marilee Boyd Meyer and Susan Montgomery
Marblehead Pottery: Simplicity and Restraint

Alice Cooney Frelinghuysen
J. Jefferson Miller, 1925–2005​


Jeffrey H. Munger
Clare Le Corbeiller, 1931–2003

Pat Halfpenny
Henry H. Weldon, 1905-2003

Shirley Maloney Mueller
Eighteenth-Century Chinese Export Porcelain Teapots: Fashion and Uniformity

Donna Corbin
Eighteenth-Century Vincennes and Sèvres Biscuit Figures from a Private Collection

Ghenete Zelleke
Some Reflection on Changing Taste: The Transformation of a Mirror-and-Porcelain Cabinet in Prince Eugene’s Winter Palace, Vienna

Hans Dieter Flach (Translated by Susan Gray Detweiler)
The Ludwigsburg Porcelain Manufactory: An Undeserved Cinderella

Judith Rose Sacks
Blackface Minstrel Pottery from Staffordshire: Documenting a British-American Cultural Exchange of the Nineteenth Century

Jill Beute Koverman
The Ceramic Works of David Drake, aka, Dave the Potter or Dave the Slave of Edgefield South Carolina

Barbara Veith

Edward Lycett (1833–1910): An American China-Painting Pioneer


Charlotte Wilcoxen
A Steinzeug Beer Krug — Creussen or Annaberg?

Al Luckenbach and John Kille
Delftware Motifs and the Dating of the Rumney-West Tavern, London Town, Maryland (ca. 1724)

Robert A. Leath
“All Served Up in India China”: Chinese Export Porcelain in the Antebellum South, 1610–1860

Margaret Zimmerman
“To Please and to Instruct”: Eighteenth-Century Porcelain Figures of Britannia

Catherine Zusy
A Short Report on the 1997 and 1998 Exploratory Excavations at the United States Pottery Co. Site, Bennington, Vermont

Peter Held
The Archie Bray Foundation for the Ceramic Arts


Regina Lee Blaszczyk
Style and Strategy: The Business of China Decorating, 1865–1900

John C. Austin
A Twentieth-Century Creamware Catalogue

Charlotte Wilcoxen
Dutch Faience from a Seventeenth-Century Shipwreck


Alice Cooney Frelinghuysen
Eleanor Rau Leon, 1902–1996

Ruth Irwin Weidner
The Callowhills, Anglo-American Artists

Charlotte Wilcoxen
A Spanish Puzzle

Jonathan Rickard and Donald Carpentier
Methods of Slip Decoration on Refined Utilitarian Earthenware

Maureen Cassidy-Geiger
Forgotten Sources for Early Meissen Figures: Rediscovering the Chinese Carved Soapstone and Dutch Red Earthenware Figures from the Japanese Palace of Augustus Strong

J. Garrison Stradling

A Dream of “porcelain” in Cincinnati: William S. Merrell’s Personal Account of Experiments and Travels, 1824–1828


William R. Sargent
A Legacy of Imitations: Issues of Connoisseurship in Chinese Export Porcelain

David J. Goldberg
Charles Coxon: Nineteenth-Century Potter, Modeler-Designer, and Manufacturer


Charlotte Wilcoxen
The Dutch “Tulip Plate” and Its Chinese Prototype

Susan H. Myers
Aesthetic Aspirations: Baltimore Potters and the Art Craze

Samuel M. Clarke
The Catalogue of the 1769 Sale of Worcester Porcelain


Marie Elwood
Two Nineteenth-Century Collectors and Their Collections

Anita J. Ellis

Collecting Ceramics in the Late Nineteenth Century: The Cincinnati Art Museum

Linda Rosenfeld Shulsky
Queen Mary’s Collection of Porcelain and Delft and Its Display

Diana Edwards
English Aristocrats in Maryland Society: The Ceramics of Charles Carroll of Carrollton, His Family and Contemporaries


Cynthia Brandimarte
Darling Dabblers

Diana Edwards, Steven R. Pendery, and Aileen Button Agnew

Generations of Trash: Ceramics from the Hart-Shortridge House, 1769–1860

Gloria Seaman Allen
Ceramics in Maryland


Byron A. Born
Josiah Wedgwood’s Queensware

Laura Fecych Sprague
Liverpool-Type Pitchers Decorated for Portland

George Szabo
Pollaiuolo and Maiolica: Three Plates with the Labors of Hercules

Robert Copeland
Parian Porcelain Statuary: Sculpture for the Many

C. Peter Kaellgre
From Silver Design to Ceramic Reality: An Earthenware Candlestick Copied from a William Kent Design


Brenda Lockhart Springsted
A Delftware Center in Seventeenth-Century New Jersey

Leslie Keno
The Potters of Whately, Massachusetts


Jack L. Leon, In Memoriam

Samuel M. Clarke
Notes on Wigornia-type Cream Boats

Charlotte Wilcoxen
Dutch Majolica of the Seventeenth Century

Julia Meech-Pekarik
Early Japanese Porcelain

James McCounnaughy
French Prints and Meissen Porcelain

Horst Reber
The Höchst Factory

Horst Reber
Johann Peter Melchior

Susan Gray Detweiler
French Porcelain on Federal Tables

Sally Chappell
A China Painter in Kansas: Gertrude Anderson Armantrout

John A. Burrison
Traditional Stoneware of the Deep South

James R. Mitchell

The Carborundum Museum of Ceramics


John C. Austin
The Chelsea 1755 Sale Catalogue

John C. Austin
A Catalogue of a Special Exhibition of Chelsea Porcelain

Susan H. Myers
Philadelphia Ceramics Manufacture in the First Half of the Nineteenth Century

Samuel M. Clarke
Marks on Overglaze-decorated First-Period Worcester Porcelain

John J. Collins
Porcelain: In Quest of an Analysis

Carl C. Dauterman
Incised Marks on Sèvres: A Computer Study

Robert Copeland
Spode and the China Trade

Joseph Veach Noble
Greek Vases and Some Mistakes by Their Potters and Painters

Lucie B. Beebe
Rhenish Stoneware of the Renaissance

Henry Sandon

New Discoveries in Worcester Porcelain: A Report



Graham Hood
Inaugural Address

Graham Hood
The Bonnin and Morris Factory of Philadelphia 1770–1772

George Szabó
Dürer and Italian Majolica

Ronald Freyberger
“Chinese” Genre Paintings at Sèvres

John F. Scott
Ceramic Sculpture Before Cortes

Oscar White Muscarella
Archaeological Uses of Pottery

Marilyn Jenkins
Important Techniques of Muslim Ceramics

Marcelle Brunet
The Porcelain of Vincennes-Sèvres

John Goldsmith Phillips and Carl Christian Dauterman
A Sculpture by Agnolo di Polo

Elizabeth Collard
Ceramic Imports to Canada

John F. Bivins Jr.
Slip-decorated Earthenware in Wachovia: The Influence of Europe on American Pottery

J. Jefferson Miller II
The Wark Collection of Meissen Porcelain

Alice Wilson Frothingham
The Pottery of Spain

Arnold Mountford
William Littler of Burslem, Longton Hall, West Pans

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