Past Book Award Recipients

A selection of the publications that have received the ACC Book Award in the past can be seen here. Click on the images to find out more about the individual books. 

The Book Award Committee welcomes suggestions for books to be reviewed. Please share any titles with Amy Dehan, Chairman of the group.

Amy Dehan

Book Award

The ACC Book Award was established in order to recognize publications that advance the study of ceramics and promise to become major references in the field.

The most recent winner of the ACC Book Award is Ceramics: 400 Years of British Collecting in 100 Masterpieces, written by Patricia F. Ferguson and published by Philip Wilson Publishers, London, as this year’s winner.

This thoroughly-researched volume showcases 100 masterpieces selected from the vast collections of the National Trust. Novel and noteworthy in her approach, Ferguson has arranged the book, not by the conventions of material, place of origin or date, but by the time these objects began to appear in British households. In doing so, the author has created a book that is as much about history of taste, privilege, pride of possession and preservation as it is about the history and development of ceramics. This publication offers a bounty of new scholarship and is an engaging read. Without doubt, this volume represents the best of ceramic scholarship and is destined to find a prized place on the bookshelves of nearly all ceramic collectors, curators and scholars.