Book Award for 2011

Maurice Hillis’ treatise Liverpool Porcelain 1756-1804 is the winner of the American Ceramic Circle Book Award for 2011. The tome is a long-awaited masterwork based on years of exhaustive and thoroughly documented research, delving into Liverpool's city archives, maps, letters, church records and other original documents. It examines both extant pieces in collections and archaeological fragments from excavations in Britain and North America and confirms (as well as disproves) theories with scientific analysis.  At last scholars, collectors and ceramic enthusiasts may add to their libraries a publication that focuses the "blurred identity" of what used to be attributed to Liverpool and now with near certainty can be attributed to Liverpool. Liverpool Porcelain 1756-1804 promises to be the standard reference on the subject for many years to come.

Among the books reviewed for the Award this year, The RA Collection of Chinese Ceramics:  A Collector’s Vision by Maria Antonia Pinto de Matos deserves honorable mention for its addition of significant scholarship to the field.

The other noteworthy publications that were among the finalists for the Award include Aesthetic Ambitions: Edward Lycett and Brooklyn’s Faience Manufacturing Company by Barbara Veith, Famille Verte by Christian Jorg, the exhibition catalog The Revival of Italian Maiolica: Ginori and Cantagalli, and Rörstrand Art Nouveau Porcelain from Sweden by Bengt Nyström.

The ACC Book Award was established in order to recognize publications that advance the study of ceramics and promise to become major references in the field.